Iria Onieva, aka Harakirina, is a visual artist coming from Vigo, Spain. She uses the medium of photography to construct a unique and colorful world of her own. Being her own model, art director, and photographer, her work is a DIY expression of individuality.

Most of Harakirina´s photographs are taken in her own bedroom which thus breaks the wall of a priori intimate space and changes it into a stained-glass display window into the universe of neon lights, sharp knives, crumbly eye-shadows, and Y2K metallic love.

As a part of Curated By Girls collective, Harakirina´s work is also about her own understanding of femininity and empowerment. Girl´s bedroom is a sacred haven where fantasies become reality and you are your own princess of outer space.


Instagram: @Harakirina

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